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Big Horn Valve - Inherently Leak Free Valve and Actuator Technology

Big Horn Valve specializes in Leak Free Valve and Actuator Technology Innovation.
Our stemless valve and zero emission valve actuator designs are inherently Leak Free. The term "inherently leak-free" refers to the fact that no dynamic seals in the valves are exposed to the outside environment. There still are static seals in these valves that keep the fluid from being released to the outside environment; however, the number of these seals is kept to a minimum. After much iteration, countless patents and rigorous testing, Big Horn Valve has introduced magnetically-actuated inherently leak-free technology.

The World Leader in Magnetic Valve Actuation Technology

Our patented valve and actuator design concept fills a significant industry need for magnetic actuation valve technology and fluid control that does not leak hazardous or harmful vapors or emissions into the environment. In industries where toxic or hazardous fluids are involved our stemless valve technology is vastly superior to traditional valve designs. Unlike traditional valve designs which frequently fail - leading to hazardous, environmentally dangerous and/or toxic emissions - our valve is emission-free and is the Best Available Valve Technology to keep our environment green and clean.

The High-Pressure, High Torque MagBall™ Valve has a body that can withstand 2500 psi. and in the 2 inch size is capable of providing torques up to 5000 inch-lbs. to open and close the valve under the harshest conditions. This torque capability is equal to or greater than any stemmed valve.

 Magnetic Valve Actuation Technology

Bighorn Valve Inc. Successfully Completes Functional Testing of a Manual Magnetically Operated (“Zero Leakage”) Globe Throttle Valve

In March 2016, Bighorn Valve Incorporated (Sheridan, Wyoming) was awarded a contract from the Naval Nuclear Laboratory to modify an existing class 2500 globe throttle valve to employ a magnetic operator. Recent testing included hydrostatic testing to 5250 psig, stem force measurements as a function of magnetic torque applied, and flow testing including valve operation as a function of differential pressure.



Big Horn Valve, Inc.’s announces: Big Horn Valve’s “inherently leak free” gate valves were recently certified by an independent testing laboratory (YARMOUTH RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY), passing two of the most stringent tests for oil and gas valves; API 624 and API 6FA.

Our “Inherently Leak Free” valves promise to be a WIN-WIN for both the environment & the oil and gas industry.

The technology breaks away from traditional stem packings for the control of emissions. This new technology encapsulates the stem of any given valve within a leak-free chamber, that is magnetically actuated, renders expensive stem bellows and/or high tech stem packings obsolete.

Bighorn Valve is featured in Valve Magazine!
"Now with the new magnetic technology, in cold applications where stem packings have to be positioned outside the cryogenic environment, it is possible to eliminate the packing entirely. This inherently leak- free actuator can function right along with the valve itself, negating the need for long stems.

This proven technology lays the groundwork for some exciting new possibilities and enhancements for quarter-turn valves. Rather than monitor fugitive emissions, why not eliminate them all together? In a world where stem and packing maintenance have historically been the primary solutions to reduce fugitive emissions, the introduction of magnetic technology with zero dynamic seals to the outside world is a paradigm shift which addresses all the ongoing struggles with fugitive emissions: safety concerns, loss of valuable product and the environmental impact of leakage."

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Innovation and Safety For Petrochemical and other Hazardous Industries
Big Horn Valve's Stemless technology Valves and Zero Emission valve Actuators provides a Leak Free design that is 100%  emission free. In large Oil and Gas Refineries valves are typically the single largest source of fugitive emissions. With hundreds of leaking valves cumulative emissions can be very large and violate rules of the EPA the Clean Air Act. Our zero-emission valve technology fills a significant industry need for fluid control that does not leak vapors into the environment. Traditional oil and gas valve designs are prone to external leakage. Big Horn valves can eliminate fugitive valve emissions. In addition, BigHorn Valve has cost effective replacement options for traditional sizes of gate valves.

Big Horn Valve has been backed by the National Science Foundation, NASA and major aeronautical companies and was recognized for it's cryogenic NO EMISSION VALVE by NASA in SPINOFF Magazine. Big Horn Valve has been awarded a series of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contracts offered by NASA to explore and develop a cryogenic valve that with superior performance characteristics to existing technologies. In development for 9 years our stemless valve is poised to revolutionize the valve industry.


  • Zero fugitive emissions
  • 100% flow efficient
  • StemLess configuration (No dynamic seal flow path to external environment)
  • Variable Cv flow curve capable
  • Seals: Standard ball valve seals technology
  • Micro turning torque - high or low pressures-operator friendly
  • Ideal for lethal valve service
  • Cost effective emission free valve technology
  • No stems-no stem maintenence-no emission sniffing
  • Magnetically actuated -strong positive- precision throttling capabilities
  • Reduces hazard to operators

NASA / JSC did accepted a proposal from BHVI to continue development of a cryogenic High Pressure helium valve. This project brings us much closer to a flight ready valve that has the potential to offer great weight reduction on in-space vehicles.
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emission free - no leak valve

NASA High-Pressure Helium Valve

NASA has asked BigHorn Valve to tailor a prototype valve design for their newest space vehicle, the Morpheus II. We will be incorporating flow-control features along with shut-off features into this design.

This new valve has the potential to eliminate hundreds of pounds of weight that was previously required to handle the helium. It is important to note that could open up significant commerical opportunities because private aerospace companies have the same issues to deal with as NASA does. All liquid fueled rockets require helium to push the fuel and oxidants out of their respective tanks and into the engines for thrust. Every 100 pound reduction in weight equals a savings of at least $1,000,000 in getting the vehicle into space. That is the incentive for reducing weight.


Cryogenic Applications Demand Precision and Reliability Big Horn Valve Delivers!

  • NASA has recognized the value of Stemless technology with its recent grants to Big Horn Valve.
  • Big Horn Valve's Stemless technology allows for safe, precision controlled fluid control without leaking vapors. This unique multi-composite design extends the life of the seal at extreme temperatures while providing exceptional positive seal closure.
  • This design extends the life of the seal almost indefinitely, providing ease of operation - even at pressures and extreme temperatures - while providing exceptional positive seal closure.
  • These Big Horn Valves are thermally isolated closure valves that can be used to prevent a contained fluid from freezing and bursting tanks or pipes.
  • Most common valves have metal actuation stems that conduct freezing temperatures, a recurrent design flaw in most valves. Imagine the expanded capabilities these freeze-proof industrial valves can add to both our agricultural resources and our industrial output.
  • Industrial Valves That Cannot Freeze are a Major Boon For Tank Storage And Cold Weather Operations.
  • NASA review - Innovative Stemless Valve Eliminates Emissions with Cryogenic Valve by Bighorn Valve

Bighorn Valves and leak free valve actuators can serve a wide range of industries from Petrochemicals, Aerospace, Cryogenics, Hazardous fluids, Fuel Cells to BioTech Fluid handling industries that require leak-proof valves, will benefit from Big Horn Valve's Stemless valve and leak free valve actuator technology design. No other valve is capable of this degree of leak or vapor prevention while being capable of the precision flow of fluids. metering the precision flow of fluids.

  • 100% fluid or vapor containment
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Simplicity of Design
  • Lower Manufacturing Cost
  • High flow efficiency
  • Inherently Linear Valve Characteristic
  • Minimizes potential for fluid hammer
  • Low Torque at Hi/Low Pressure
  • Can be Fabricated from Plastics or Metals
  • Superior Actuation - Axial Actuation
  • Standard ball valve ¼ turn actuation
  • Superior Throttling Characteristics
  • Low Part Count
  • In Line Metering Capability
  • Isolation capability

  • Petrochemical Industries - reduce costly pollution emissions
  • Aerospace / Cryogenic
  • Chemical Processing
  • Military Naval and Submarines
  • Hydrogen Gas Valve - hydrogen powered "Next Generation" cars
  • Cryogenic Valve - extreme cold temperatures
  • Industrial Water and Fluids Flow Control
  • "Down Hole" Control - Oil Drilling
  • In Flight Air Refueling
  • Nuclear Power Plants - hazardous liquids handling

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